My 2022 Salute to Women HerStories: Meet the Women Who are FIRST!

Please take the time to read about these great women. If moved, donate to these great causes and share their stories with your network. You will actually change lives.

Dr. Sharon Porter

Vision and Purpose…My Boss Lady Crush on Dr. Sharon

When I first wrote this post it was about a partnership that I believed was going to thrive and survive. Today, that partnership is gone. But that’s fine because my Boss Lady Crush, Dr. Sharon Porter doesn’t let anything or anyone stand in her path of visions realized. If you follow this blog, you may…

Maisha’s Monday Motivation: Energy, Optimism, and the Moment

“Other than raising my son, I sometimes wondered what’s my purpose in life.  I started Customer 1st Marketing because I wanted to be on my own and really wanted to take everything I learned about marketing in a corporate environment to start-ups and small businesses. I’ve been blessed to do that for the last 8 years. Really…


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Happy Mompreneur Day
Me and my son!
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