Happy Mother’s Day to My Fearless Mompreneurs!

It’s Easy to be Fearless When You’re Single

I’ve always lived my life with a bit of fearlessness. I wasn’t reckless but to be single, free to mingle with a steady income gave me a certain amount of freedom that a woman whose only beholden to herself can have.

From the moment, I knew that I was going to be a mom I changed. Suddenly, my clothing budget was halved, my 401k became a 529, traveling involved renting cars with carseats, and coupons became my best friend.

All parents can relate to the above. Your life becomes all about your child. From the moment you wake up in the morning to today, every action, every thought is about how you can help your child become the person he or she is meant to be.

It’s Harder to be Fearless When You’re A Single Mom

However, even the decision to have my son took an amount of fearlessness because my son’s father decided that my pregnancy was the time to break up. So, I had to make the decision that I was going to have to raise a baby as a single mom. I had to come to the realization that any man that would dump me as I carried his child was probably not going to be there for us.  I was right.  Yes, I consider myself fearless when I made that decision.

Then I had my son. Having a child made me view the world as a Law and Order SVU episode. Da,da! Suddenly, the world was full of dark shadows and people who’d do you harm.

I’m an optimist so this caused a real shift in my core.

And Then I Decided to Start A Company

The decision to become a entrepreneur was another time to be fearless. But, I do believe being a single mompreneur requires an extra level of fearlessness. Call it supersize.

But, I had faith in myself. Faith in a Higher Power. Faith in my family. Faith in my village. So, as a blessed person, I was fearless when I decided to leave a full time, six figure job to be my own boss.


Celebrate Yourself

To celebrate ourselves is my wish for all mompreneurs on this Mother’s Day. Yes, it’s a time to be honored for our role as mothers. (I really, really, really need this honor since I have a teenager and I still smile everyday.)

But, we should take the time to celebrate all the times we have fought our fears and continued on. We need to cheer ourselves for the times we faced doubts about whether this crazy entrepreneurial journey we’re on is the best for our families and kept it moving.  We need to be encouraged by all the decisions we have to make that require us to miss a game or miss a meeting  and our kids are still happy and strong.

We need to embrace and be proud that we are the fearless moms who are running homes and businesses. Happy Mother’s day to US!


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