The Unmotivated Monday and That’s Ok Monday Motivation Post

I need my sleep and last night I didn’t get any. So that means I didn’t get my walk 1 mile in so no endorphins . Then I check my email to find my son “forgot” to turn in his test. Then a client called and asked me if I knew how to do something a high schooler can do. So I decided to turn this Monday around and call it the “Unmotivated Monday” or ” The Get Out of My Face and I’ve Had my Coffee Monday” or ” I Don’t Want to Hear That You Wake Up Everyday Ready to Face the World” or “I Just Won’t Be Motivated Today Monday”.

And it’s all ok. We’re entreprenuers and sometimes we have days like this! Today just happens to be my Monday! I’m embracing it. Just don’t call me until tomorrow!

Look, there’s a book for this type of day. You gotta love America!

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