Date Your Bank and Other Important Facts

Date your bank. Think like the Underwriter. Be transparent. These are a few of the gems I learned from The What Now Movement’s Masterclass on Small Business Funding. It was given by Lakendra McNair, Vice President of M&T Bank and she kept it honest with us. You will have to be apart of our What…


I started this blog in 2012 but got serious about it a couple years ago! Thanks to all that have read it, got motivated and especially those that LIKED IT! I’m going for 1000 now! Maisha

An Ounce of Preventative Advice is Crucial for Legal Matters

I have to admit. Talking with a lawyer is a frightening action for me. In part, because I watch tooooo many murder mysteries. Lawyers seem to twist up the course of events and I’m never sure if they are helping or hurting their clients. And when I watch shows that are lawyer-centric its normally big…


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Happy Mompreneur Day
Me and my son!
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