I Remember When Being Social was an In- Person Thing

I have written to you about resolutions. I also wrote about following through or following up. This post is about both.

We are all in the digital age and marketing has shifted into social interactions and that’s great. But it appears to me that we are also losing our ability to make connections. Or the connections we do make are fake. Just for the selfie or just to increase our friends’ list.

When I started my businesses, it was because I knew I had the personality and skills to be successful BUT more importantly, I knew I had the Rolodex of contacts of people that knew my capabilities and could refer me. Remember, I didn’t have a website until I was in business for two years. It was my relationships that helped me.
For the last couple of years, I was so busy executing on projects that I realized I wasn’t making new friends or contacts. More importantly, I was using social media as a substitute for real relationships. I liked, RT, send canned messages from LinkedIn without making a real connection. I started my company because I liked the independence from a boss and because I trusted in my ability to help companies grow.

What I didn’t know was how much I loved selling. I love talking to entrepreneurs, hearing about their challenges, smiling at their out-of-the-wall ideas and creating creative marketing strategies that’ll help them accomplish their goals. I LOVE IT!

Tell Your Story. Hear Others.

oprah cover

This blog is about my journey to be a healthy, wealthy and wise entrepreneur. Part of that journey is connecting with people. Oprah agrees.

So while I hope my lunches bring me business it is really about connecting with people, catching up with them and for those that are my real friends remembering why we became friends in the first place.

And if you want to have lunch with me. Let’s do this. We can only become healthier, wealthier and wiser for the opportunity.

I will share a few stories about the people I reconnected with, especially if they have businesses since as you know promotion is in my blood!

Resources for you to read about social media and its effect on us and our businesses:

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