Monday Motivation: Go for it.

My favorite marketing slogan and motto.

I just listened to a great podcast The 30 Minute Hour Podcast from two great friends and clients of mine, Eric Twiggs, The Procrastination Preventer and Ted Fells, CEO of Nucore Vision. There was a few themes, New Year resolutions, something about Krispy Kreme donuts, but the one that resonated with me is to just do it or in their words” Just Get It.”

The point is that, yes, things will eventually get back to a new normal but one of the lessons I hope we have learned through this is that entreprenuers can’t wait for things to get to normal. We must do what we can TODAY to make it through.

So today’s #MondayMotivation is to go for it!

“There are three types of people who will come out of this pandemic: billionaires, millionaires, and witnesses.” Dr. Willie Jolley

Today is the perfect day to start living your dreams!

live your derams
Classic from the past!

It always seems impossible until its done. Nelson Mandela

Neslson Mandela

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