Who Am I? Where Am I? What Am I Doing?

It has been a few months since I left my full time gig as the marketing director at MicroLink. It was a decision that I had thought about for a year before I finally made the decision and if it wasn’t yet for another acquisition in less than two years I might have stayed a little longer. But, I didn’t and I haven’t regretted my decision…yet.

The reason that I have not regretted my decision is because I have hit all the goals I set for myself. Get a customer, get two customers, and get another. Plus, I have met so many people who share my dream of being their own boss that their enthusiasm and energy is contagious. There are so many organizations, SCORE, Women’s Business Center in DC, VA and Rockville, and all the other organizations that seem to want to help entrepreneurs start a business. It’s really a shame more people don’t start a company.

One of these organizations is Start Up America. What I like about this new grassroots organization is that it helped me define where my business fits within the startup ecosystem. I must admit that I didn’t know there was such a thing as a startup ecosystem! 

Start Up America classifies the startup ecosystem into the following groups:

–    Idea: Someone has an idea for a business but has not yet established it.


–    Startup: At least two people have created a business entity with the ambition to build a scalable company.


–    Rampup: A team of five or more people that has secured at least two customers and has a clear focus on customer growth.


–    Speedup: A company that employs at least 25 people and has established a revenue run-rate of $10MM or more.


So, today officially I am proud to say I am a Start Up! But, because I have lots of great ideas for businesses I believe I will always be in the IDEA group since that’s the fun part! The rewarding part for me will be when I am in Speedup and I have built one or more successful businesses that are self-sustaining and ready to be bought. So everything that I am doing today is to get to Speedup as fast as I can!

  2 comments for “Who Am I? Where Am I? What Am I Doing?

  1. May 5, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    Congratulations Maisha! I did not realize U had joined the ENTREPRENEURIAL FAMILY when we last spoke by phone or perhaps it was still an inkling! WOO-HOO! Whenever U need an ear or prayer feel free to connect this way!

    Sisterly love always,

    Joan E. Gosier
    “Education! Important GEAR for LIFE.”


    • May 6, 2012 at 5:18 pm

      Thanks so much for the well wishes. Yes, I am proud to say that I have joined the mompreneurs, solopreneurs, and all of the rest of preneurs.
      You already helped, at least with my piece of mind, with the campaign we spoke about.
      Hampton Hugs and plan on a call or two or three. 😉


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