The Perfect Day

so-what-does-a-perfect-day-doLike most entrepreneurs I started my company with dreams and goals.  I imagined what it would be like to get up and start working. I  would have a long to do list filled with meetings, meeting new customers, writing emails, making connections, bringing people together and of  course delivering a great project so I can make money.

I even imagined that life as a mom and entrepreneur would be easy. My son would get all A’s, would be the model student and set an example for all the other students, and excel in every area of life.

Of course the reality doesn’t always  match up with the fantasy. It’s more like calling clients to get payments, submitting proposals and hearing crickets, and for the proposals that do get a response negotiating prices that undermine the value I bring.

My son rises and falls with the amount of attention I give so that means I have to give up something (cleaning mostly) to keep him on the up. All of this isn’t what I expected.

So when I have a day that measures against the fantasy I have to celebrate. That was yesterday.

The Perfect Day

My app marketing proposal led to a job offer, which led to a offer of equity in a company and salary. I  was able to connect and make introductions to new VCs with new startups. I saw a demo of new innovation, collaborative entrepreneur  platform that I instantly saw revenue potential.

My son came home happy, he turned in all his work and his grades are improving. He seems to have found a new energy for learning and is even talking in terms of goals .

So what does a perfect day do? It inspires me. It makes me realize that my dream is real and attainable and if I continue on my path and keep my eyes on the prize, perfect days can happen more and more.

I wish perfect days for all of you. Happy New Year!



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