Get Out. Just Get Out of the Office. Now. Today. Don’t Even Read This.

30 Days of Marketing Tip 20I am working on content for Day 20 of my 30 Days of Growth campaign and it’s about taking the time to get out of our offices.  In my first few years of growing Customer 1st Marketing I gained 15 pounds. The reasons are simple, I had a home office that required me to walk 10 steps to get there, the laundry was two flights down but how often did I wash clothes, I hate housework so after 20 minutes of bed making, dusting, touching up, I was done,  and, this is the most important,  I was so focused on getting new business I didn’t think about exercise.

I won’t say I lost touch with friends but I remember feeling way tooooo happy when I was invited to an event because I knew it would be a time for me to just have fun without trying to close a sale. I always took my business cards but the goal was just to laugh and have a good time.

Not Healthy or Wise

This is not to say that I was completely unhealthy.  But most of my meetings with clients was centered around food. (I should have bought stock in Panera Bread.)  Even going to networking events was about how many people I could meet and sometimes I could grab a bite.  I did walk to the meetings and always tried my 25 push ups, squats, and crunches. But, that is not enough.

When I first noticed the pounds, I even created a MeetUp group NetWorkitOut to combine my love of networking with my “I’ll do it if I have to” attitude towards working out. I need to start that again.

I had to remember what exercise I did that I never got bored. And thanks to the magic of YouTube, I found TaeBo. Yes, people Billy Blanks and his crazy kickboxing is my exercise drug of choice.  I love it and lost 5 pounds immediately BUT I was still in the house.

Maisha B. Hoye

Me. Getting Out 80’s Style! GO EAGLES!

There is a sense of isolation when you are growing a business and want to be successful. You see a lot of advice about what it takes to be successful. Some people brag about working 24 hours a day, getting little sleep and being stressed.  Others work less than 4 hours a day and are millionaires.  I think you need to do figure out what works for you and start there.

I set my hours around my son. When’s he’s at school I work. When he’s at home I try to give him quality time, help him with his homework, dinner, and all the other parenting duties. HOWEVER, if my Fitbit doesn’t have me at 8000 steps then I go outside and take a walk.

We need to take time to GET OUT of your office even if it’s just to take a walk, have lunch with a friend, go to a happy hour or whatever allows you to take a break from the grind. Because, my friends, having your own company whether you LOVE it or not, it’s a grind. It’s a grind that can bring us great joy and happiness if we take the time to enjoy life and give ourselves a break.

Let’s Meet

If you want to meet me for lunch or take a walk one day, let’s do it. Find me on LinkedIn or send me an email and let’s go.  If you want to network and get marketing tips, meet me at the next Coffee and Inspiration: Marketing with Maisha.





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