Valentines Day Sucked? Maybe It’s Time to Break Up With Your Business

The other day I saw an ad on YouTube that was selling to entrepreneurs that didn’t like going to networking events and talking to people, its product was for you. That got me to thinking. If you don’t want to talk about your business than perhaps its time to break up with it.

Since its the day after Valentine’s Day and perhaps you didn’t have the day you wanted I thought I’d talk about breaking up with your business. It might be time to break up if you don’t like talking about your business. To me, its a sign you don’t love it anymore.

Think about it. When you’re in love you can’t stop talking about your baby. Everything reminds you of him. You find yourself thinking about him all the time. You wake up and your thoughts are consumed with how you can make him happy. I think that’s how most of us are about our businesses. We love them to death (sometimes it’s our demise but that’s another post).

Thank you Felicity Fields for the graphic.

We are defined by our business. We want people, especially customers, to know our business and why it’s so great. We love sharing news about them. As my favorite group sings, “IF IT ISN’T LOVE!”


Now, you might not have to break up with your biz. I’m always a little quick to move on from personal situations but when I hit a lull in my business I try everything to make it work. Because I know, in this relationship, it is ME. I am the problem. I’m not doing what I am supposed to do. I’m just not into it. But I still love Customer 1st Marketing and I still talk about it to whoever will listen. But, there is a reason why most businesses fail in the first three years and I believe its expectations.


Just like falling in love, starting a business is easy. It’s fun. You don’t really notice that you’re only getting three hours of sleep a night. Your business plan is your baby that you nurture with love. You get to pick the colors of your brand. Your new website is a testimony of your love to the world. Your clients are validating your existence. You’re in love.

So what happens to that love? For me, it was a customer that didn’t pay. I never expected that and I was unprepared. I never thought that it would happen to me. I’m honest. I did my work. I did a great job and this happened awful, awful thing happened to me. How dare this happen? Love didn’t make me immune to the pitfalls and so I had to lower my expectations and prepare myself for the next eventuality. I did and the next time I called a lawyer to make the customer pay. In doing so I felt empowered and the love came back.

Figuring It Out

You as the entrepreneur need to figure out if the problems in your business are yours. Is it something that can be fixed or is it that you’re not that into it anymore. Here’s where I suggest you get counseling aka hire a business consultant. ( See resources below.)

Remember, there are over 6 billion articles on this topic so it happens to us all. You are not alone in this feeling BUT if you really don’t want to talk to people about what you’re doing, its a sign.

Resources for you to talk to:

Barret Matthews, Author of the Book, Why Didn’t You Get It Done? and one of the chapters is about Passion. You can purchase the book here,

Shelita Winfield, Founder of She Win, a personal development brand, is built on the pillars of faith, forgiveness, and fortitude and its sole purpose is to help you Reveal Your Greatness to WIN. Her website is

Theresa Brown, Founder of Entrepreneurs and Professional Network (EPNET) and has an Entrepreneur Monday Motivation Call via Facebook. You can find her company’s website here,

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