Monday Motivation: Papaprenuer Day Edition

Yes, Father’s Day was yesterday but it is never too late too celebrate the dads! This year it’s personal. These are papaprenuers who show by example the meaning of drive, success without sacrificing family. They are also clients, friends, and mentors!

This is a quote from one of my former clients Eric Franklin, CEO of Erimax. My son to this day hates when I say “What’s Peanut Butter Principle #1?” but it applies in so many situations. I think about this quote all the time except now I ask, “What are you going to do about it?”

Life is not fair. Get over it. – Eric Franklin

Motivator Rob Howse!

If you want to be motivated to accomlish any of your goals! Fina and follow Rob Howse! Click on the link below to see what I am talking about!

My goal is to bring additional value to whatever I am contracted to do. Les Allen

It is Men’s Health Month at Holistic Whole Health. Thank you for sponsoring this post. Visit their website for more info, www.

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