The Perfect Podcast for Parentpreneur: Listen in to Pretty and Punk

Did you notice my alliteration?

Many of us have upped our podcast game and I was lucky enough to find one that speaks to me about parenting, entreprenuership and the juggle we all face trying to do and to have it all.

The Pretty and Punk Podcast” “is from power couple parent entrepreneurs Dan Caldwell and iLdiko Ferenczi. They are interviewing the worlds best entrepreneurs, who are like us managing parenthood, being married and running amazing companies.

How are they able to do and have it all? I think determination is the key to their success. I suggest you listen in and heed their advice. Here are the three podcasts that spoke to me:

How To Balance Family and Business

Ildiko and Dan focus on how their planned podcast release schedule slid during quarantine and what they’re doing to get back on track. They touch on the guilt that being a working parent sometimes brings and how they creatively juggle childcare and work. Ildiko also explains her views on raising children who actively engage with the world around them and how she felt leaving her kids in the hands of a helper while recovering from life-saving surgery.

How To Execute New Ideas ft. Nick Swinmurn – Founder of Zappos

Nick Swinmurn discusses what inspires him to keep moving forward and trying new ideas, and when he knew the time was right to sell Zappos. He also shares his perspective on being a working dad and how to foster and protect your relationship with your child when you are so busy professionally, as well as the lessons that he learns from his 10-year-old son.

Intro To Parenthood

The founders discuss their intro into parenthood and how they had to quickly change their lifestyle when Ildiko got pregnant. They went from pursuing their passions and building businesses while traveling the world, to slowing down and welcoming a baby into their lives.

 iLdiko Ferenczi Pretty and Punk

So here we are, two entrepreneurs pursuing our passons, building businesses, traveling the world and BAM I get pregnant, which was the best moment of my life.

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