An Ounce of Preventative Advice is Crucial for Legal Matters

I have to admit. Talking with a lawyer is a frightening action for me. In part, because I watch tooooo many murder mysteries. Lawyers seem to twist up the course of events and I’m never sure if they are helping or hurting their clients. And when I watch shows that are lawyer-centric its normally big business with mergers and acquisitions. Then, again, I’m not sure if they are following the law or finding the loopholes. It’s entertaining but the perception of law and its practioners is suspect.

Now mind you, when I needed advice, I was lucky enough to call one of my Hampton University classmates and he was able to point me in the right direction. In fact, when any of us had a question we called him. No matter the issue ( civil, criminal, family business,etc.) if we had a legal question he was our guy. Thank God he was a patient man and I’m not sure how many of us actually paid him for his advice but that’s how it was with our alumni. We supported each other.

A lawyer is a crucial part of your small business team.

My point? We all want a lawyer when we need him. What I learned from The What Now Movement Legal Masterclass, Operating Agreements, by Sean Trice, Esq. Mesh Law is that we should have a lawyer as part of our small business team. And we shouldhave one before we need him. It’s the classic adage, “an ounce of prevention…” The exact phrase that Mr. Trice used was:

Preventive care is less expensive than the threat of an actual lawsuit.” Sean Trice,Esq. Mesh Law, LLC #legaltips #whatnowmovement #whatnowunivsersity #smallbusiness #startups

If not now, then when?

Another question that the cohort had was “when do we need a lawyer?” That answer is all the time and at every stage of a business ( Start-up, Growth and Scaling, Exit or Expansion). At stages in our businesswe need different types of legal advice. I am constantly creating partnerships so making sure my operating agreements ( by laws, shareholder and partnerhsip ) need to be on point and legally accurate. I also need to protect my intellectual property ( logos, trademarks, service marks and patents. I am always starting new projects as well and have the need of partners to assist me.

Essentially, these are all contracts or agreements that I should use a lawyer for. Legal Zoom might work, but what if its more complicated. Or what if I don’t understand how complex my agreements need to be. Conclusion. I need a lawyer on my team.

This is a graphic I created for an accelerator I launched. You need a lawyer for every stage of your ecosystem.

It’s the Last Week of the What Now Movement Masterclasses! 😦 🙂

This is the last week of The What Now Movement’s Masterclasses. I’m sad. But, if you follow me on my socials, if you are on my mailing lists, if you are on a Board with me, then you already know that THIS is the class I’ve been waiting for. It’s all about Achieving Your Vision and I’M ALL IN!

Achieving Your Business Vision:How To Move From Vision To Action


I hope you join me this Saturday!

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