Maisha’s Monday Motivation: To Think I Believed that Focus, Consistency, and Process was Boring

Not anymore!!!!!

The first of the month is my favorite time. Why? Because it’s invoice time. As you know I am a marketing mompreneur who works on retainer so if all my marketing cylinders are on blast, I get paid. If not, then I need to get another client. Today, all systems are a go so YEAH for me. So collecting money is one process that I love! Thank you Quickbooks!

But I also have a new travel business, I get $$$ from this blog, will launch a new e-commerce business in 30 days and I working on being a founder partner in two new businesses so as I did my morning walk I thought about today’s Monday Motivation post.

How do I/we get it all done? Remain profitable? Get new clients? Retain clients? Save money for son’s education? Cook dinner? Exercise? And the list goes on.

Today is easy for me as the focus is on accounts receivables which means MONEY dictates the priority for the day. As I thought this through, I believe on focusing on money is how to set priorities for the other days as well.


Your business can not run if you don’t have clients. So your day-to-day activities need to focus on the activities that will get you more clients or keep the ones you have. I created the 30 Day Sales and Marketing tips to help you have a daily prioritized list of those activities. (I love it when my ideas are still viable and in brand.) If you don’t practice customer service, especially for e-commerce businesses, you will lose all the goodwill you built up when your customer bought from you. Lose goodwill and you will lose money. Lose money and you could be out of business.


Years ago when I lived in New York and was dating I remember one gentleman telling me what he needed in a woman was consistency. I was young so I thought that was the funniest thing a potential romantic partner could ask. (I won’t get into the backstory about why he wanted this but yeah, I got it.) But as I started entrepreneurship and almost ten years later, consistency is king.

No, you can’t predict the day and how it’s going to turn out. But you can say to yourself, I will spend this time on marketing, reviewing my finances, selling my services, etc. And I will do this every month or every week or daily depending on the weaknesses and strengths of your business. Being consistent in how you approach your business is a way to keep your business growing and thriving. It is why your employees, partners and customers want to be in your orbit. ( This applies only to making money, I still like to be a little less uptight on the personal side.)


Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

I am laughing as I write this. I have really changed. When I started marketing I was all about the creativity. Let’s get new clients and have fun while doing it. I also had my favorite boss, another manager and support so I could be the cool, smart marketing person. But when you work with as many start-ups as I have, managed people to a goal, responsible for folks livelihoods, and when you’re selling $15K start-up marketing programs, process is key. It’s the process ( and writing it down) that makes you successful, scalable, and trustworthy. It’s the process that allows you to focus. The fun is at the end. It’s when we reach our goals.

Have a great week!

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