Where will the next great idea come from?

I hope it starts with our conversation at my lemonade stand.

How does an idea go from just a thought to an actual business? How does that business grow to become the world’s leading lemon widget maker? This blog will answer those questions by sharing insights from the lead blogger, Ms. Maisha B. Hoye and from those who have been there and done that.

The real reason for this blog is for me and my future customers and to use and share information to build lucrative, sustaining, and profitable companies.  It is my hope that the next great American business starts here and that I have the opportunity to help it. My background is marketing and my expertise is using marketing to drive growth and success.

I would be very happy if this blog became a forum for the age-old discussion, “What makes a company successful?” I have my thoughts but I can’t wait to hear from the “Been There Done That” crew. In essence, your comments and suggestions will be the advisory board for my company and the companies that I work with. Like I said, I know all a lot about marketing but starting a business that is just an idea  and turning it into a business….well that is my opportunity.

Enjoy the poll!

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