The fatal mistake businesses make everyday

Don’t have time to read the whole article then skip to the last paragraph and lesson learned!

Grow Beyond

I’ve been helping one of my clients rework her website content and last week was the major push to get a lot of the content and architecture changes implemented.

It’s all been part of a larger discussion and strategy for her brand, which we both agreed needed a new tagline. I prompted her to do a deep dive around her brand values and attributes and then connect those to a straightforward concept that would strike a chord with her audience. All of a sudden, however, I found myself bombarded with emails containing lists of “variations on a theme” ideas all laced with urgency due to the looming deadline of her designer/web developer’s scheduled updates to her site.

Basically, my client was rushing through a critical element of brand development as though it were just another item on her To-Do list, because she wanted to be sure to add it to…

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