Maisha’s Lemonade Stand’s Lemon Sours 1-3

Ok, I am using this post to vent about three of my pet peeves when it comes to managing my day as a very busy, goal oriented, task driven mompreneur.   All three happened today.

Send me an email, please.  You decide to call.

On most of my projects, there are at least three people on the team, the project manager (me), the client and the techie.  This means that we all need to be on one page when it comes to deliverables, communication, and expectations.  Me, especially.  If I ask you to email info, it’s a sign that something is off and I need to get us back on track.  If you call me to tell me, what will be in the email then you are not helping, in fact, you are hindering our ability to move forward.  OR you expect me to take my time and translate your conversation, write it an email, get your thoughts and hope I got it.

Just send me the email as requested and let me call you IF I have any questions.

Me: We need to talk. ASAP 

Project Manager (PM): When?

Me: Now?

PM: I can’t talk now.  

Me: ???

P.M.: In an hour.

That whole conversation can be shortened by the PM saying,  “I can talk in an hour. Will that work?” Or better yet, ” I am available at these times. Any work for you?”   My answer should be “yes, I will call you” OR ” no, I can talk at x, x, or x time.”

Maybe itoon-3130_0t’s just me, but I like to get to the next step of any interaction as quickly as possible and hate those little extra steps.  I am still waiting on a confirmation from someone that said they had a whole day open and I sent them a time to talk. Time is money so I like to move on to the next item on my to-do list.


Contacting me with a purpose but beating around the bush.

You would have to know me to understand this one but as a single mompreneur, my time is very limited, so I really appreciate it if you get to the point of why you’re calling as quickly as possible, especially if you’re calling during business hours.  Yes, I love hearing from you and it’s great to hear your voice but if there’s a request coming in this conversation, let me hear it so I can get back to making money.

Thank you for letting me vent. I will respond to comments on Friday when I am way more relaxed!






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