Maisha’s Lemonade Stand’s Lemon Sours 5-7

Thanks again for letting me vent! I do believe its my right since its my blog and I can vent if I want to. So here is another edition of Maisha’s Lemonade Stand’s Sours. This time is about communication. In my opinion there’s either too much or too little. As a Sagittarius, I am an optimist so I wake up expecting the best life can BUT the following sours drive me nuts.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Because really, how can anyone be a healthy, wealthy, and wise entrepreneur if you don’t let out a little frustration? My other lemon sours:

#4- Audio Text Messages

Drive me crazy gif

So, the new thing in my life are folks who send me voice messages instead of texts. If I ask a question via text, and trust me, I ask simple, direct questions and you send me a 50 second message that I have to listen to a couple times it drives me crazy. And then these same persons end the audio with a request for me to call.

#5 Not Answering the Question


As I said I am a very direct person. I say to my friends I’m not that deep. I’m smart, but not deep. That means is that I when I ask a question I really want to know the answer. I don’t have a hidden agenda that you need to figure out before you answer. Answer the question and let me follow up instead of probing me for the reasons why I asked.

#7 Asking Soooo Many Questions

To flip it. Asking me 100 questions to get the answer to one. This is normally a salesperson who’s following a script. I am a fan of a sales scripts, especially when you have a new person handling sales or a new product launching. But, I start my scripts with the “why” so that whoever is listening can make a yes or no decision early. For an example of great scripts I found this resource,

So when a person or a system keeps asking me questions, an please don’t repeat them in a different way, I get so annoyed, I finally have to say, “what is your point?”.

I try to be nice but yep, I feel like this.

What are your Lemon Sours? Drop them in the comments below. Keep them short and sweet. 🙂

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