Back to School is the Best Time for Mompreneurs

If you read my former posts you know that I’m NOTone of those work 24 hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week entrepreneurs.   I admire those with that type of dedication and stamina but you will never read a story about me that starts with “she worked day and night” UNLESS it’s for a customer. But even for my customer-oriented, I try to meet and set deadlines so that I can give my son quality time.

Summertime and the Living Ain’t Easy

So when the summer comes and my son is out of school, a sense of uneasiness comes over me.  I am full of questions. How can he/we have a fulfilling summer? How can I pull him away from the Xbox if I’m working all day? How can I continue to grow my business and be a present parent?  Are “staycations” with me attached to my phone the answer?  Did I save enough for camps? How many blockbuster movies can we go see?  The list goes on.

And I don’t forget about me. My biggest question is will I be able to go away without my son? Let’s face it.  It’s not a vacation if I’m still in parenting mode. I consider it a vacation “if-I-can-do-what-I-want-when-I-want-and-how-I-want-to-do-it”.  Even as I read that last line, I sound like a spoiled brat. But that’s ok. I’m a parent with a teenager so I learned from the best.

It All Depends

So like all parentpreneurs, we do our best.  Camps, especially overnight, are our go-to’s. Calling in relatives to “spend time” with our children are the next best thing.  But like my answer to the Quora question, Should mothers go to work instead of taking care of their children?  It all depends.  We all have to do what is best for our families.  And defining the word “best” is up to your experience, your children and what works.  As long as your child is smiling at the end of the summer day, your clients are happy and you are not stressed, consider it a win.  

Back to School is Back to Work.

cam (1)But if you are a mompreneur like me, the week before Back to School is a happy one. The week before I start getting new contracts signed.  Other items on my Back to School list include:

  • At the same time, we’re going Back to School shopping.  I update my wardrobe.
  • The week before I start getting him ready to go to sleep and wake up at school hours.  (I get more sleep too.)
  • The week before we make sure all his summer assignments are done and ready to make a good impression on his new teachers.  I make sure my projects are complete to satisfaction.
  • I visit his school’s website. I get my website updated since I’ll be way too busy growing my business.
  • I check his school supplies. I check my business card stash.
  • I organize his desk. My desk looks great!

The best part of my son being in school is knowing that for eight hours a day, five days a week and the next eight months I will be organized, I can go to meetings, I can create events, I can work on proposals, I can do anything.  I AM FREE to be the type of entrepreneur that only exists when I’m on my own schedule.

Being free and independent is why I started my business in the first place! So yes, I love back to School season!




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