The Hidden Brain Podcast on Habits Blew My Mind

So I started this year with the normal resolutions, eat healthy, exercise more, and make more money. I say “normal” since this are part of the Top 10 NYE resolutions. See the link for proof,,29569,2040218,00.html

However, this year I did something I have never done before. I announced it to the world via Facebook. According to the podcast, this is because I am making myself more accountable.

“This is the first time I am using outside motivation to accomplish my fitness goals. Thank you DYNASTY – Hampton University Class of 1990 for StepBet and David S. Jr. Girton and LiveNow Fitness for the 1 mile a day challenge! #gottafitthesejeansilove #healthywealthywise #2020isit

I am now a mile a day, at least 7534 steps-a-day woman who posts and motivates to folks that are on this journey with me. This is soooo not my nature. I don’t consider myself a life coach or one of those rah- rah motivation speakers. But, I am always down to test myself and my own self-perception so here I am.

What Makes One Successful? Is it Good Habits?

I think about this ALL THE TIME. Especially when I see folks that I consider successful share moments that show their self-doubt or insecurity. I won’t go there for this post but I will one day since what makes one successful fascinates me. I started this blog to help me define and share my thoughts about success. See these posts for more:

Or is Success Willpower?

As an entrepreneur, I always thought that a few of the reasons for success is a focus on goals, self-motivation and willpower. I consider myself a stealth entrepreneur. I just go about my business and do what I have to do. Well, the other day when I listened to one of my favorite podcasts (while I achieved two miles that day) Hidden Brain:Creature of Habits, I realized I was right and wrong about my determinants of success.

Yes, a person has all three of those traits. So, I was right because you need a certain temperament to be the kind of person who recognizes a chamge, wants to change and to start taking action to change it. However, to build a good habit takes more than willpower.

It takes the ability to recognize the “friction” you have against or for building the great habit. And you have to be able to “not see” distractions. This concept of not seeing distractions was when my mind blew. In a way, it’s like compartmentalizing or tunnel vision. But, you just don’t see or feel tempted by things that do not help you achieve. This trait, that I have allows me to run a business, get new clients, focus on old clients and raise my son.

However, adding a more healthy lifestyle and adopting good habits is a test. I added more friction to my life. And not just with food.

Now that I have started to walk, I am more aware of my food choices and thanks to FitBit I can see how my food choices affect my new healthy lifestyle. So even though I have my favorite Haagen Daaz Coffee Ice Cream in the freezer, I haven’t been tempted to eat it…yet! 🙂 That friction is gone!

Adding time to take care of my health takes time from everything else that’s important and as a single mompreneur it’s all important. That’s why this podcast is really changing my mindset.

Here are the other items that blew my “JUST DO IT “mind:

  • Our actions are run on autopilot, 40% of our actions are done automatically
  • Habits are not the easiest thing you can accomplish but it is what you usually do.
  • Habits are when you associate a behavior, good or bad, with a rewarding (good or bad) action
  • Takes longer to form a habit depending on the complexity of the habit
  • More likely to repeat actions that are easy and fun. So, if there is a habit you want to do, you have to make it easier and or fun to do. This is the concept of friction.

What Is the Impact ?

At this point, I think I am in a good place and motivated by $$$. I will check back in six weeks to see if I’m able to maintain my walk around the block from for every hour from 9-5. This will be a BIG habit change since I work all day from my desk and one that I couldn’t figure out how to accomplish. And without the incentive of winning money I will need to figure out how to make this easy and fun since I can already feel the tedium of this exercise. Any suggestions, please put them in the comments.

I do feel bad for my son AKA Mom’s Science Experiment since I always apply what I learn in his life. I already told him to listen. The biggest issue is that can’t tell if his habits are a personality trait or just normal teenage behavior but change and success for him are coming!

Happy Habit Forming and I hope they are all good!

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