Happy Papapreneur Day!

Here’s my tribute to the dad’s who are running businesses and inspiring all of us to succeed!

I tell all my clients to THINK BIG so why not start with Mr. Daymond Jonn!

Mr. Gates speaks to my Customers 1st Mentality!
This is a success story I saw unfold during my time in Maryland. Plus, I’ve been to his house!
First of all, every black family had his Ebony magazine in their home. Secondly, his was the first empire I knew.
He’s on the list twice. One reason is because he’s built and helped build many successful companies. And he’s my marketing idol!!!! Love Seth Godin!
Interesting. Both of their media empires was started by a Johnson. One was paper. The other, B.E.T. was cable. Both was in everybody’s home!
I love that he created an industry or to use my favorite word, entrepreneur ecosystem, with one product.
I think of this quote whenever I start to doubt myself.
Business can be 99 problems….
See above why I love Seth Godin!

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