Getting My Mic, Light and Look Right: The 12 Tips I Learned from What Now University’s Masterclass

I love learning. I love listening to podcasts, watching documentaries and even reality shows. Then I love applying those lessons to my life. Its the number one reason I love working with small businesses and startups. Hearing their business ideas and the stories behind them is my favorite part of my sales day. If I could figure out a way to get paid from learning, I would be in my element.

So as I posted a few days ago I am a partner and managing the Marketing for The What Now Movement. This is another learning curve because I am trying to drive paying attendance to its Masterclasses. And we’re trying everything and everything is working but at different times. So I am constantly learning more about who are our customers, meeting people where they are ( mobile, desktop social, email), why folks buy and more importantly why they don’t. If you look at my social feeds, you know I am all about the Movement.

Lucky Me! I’m A Partner and Attendee

Luckily, I am also an attendee of the Masterclasses. And going back to my original statement, this is what I love attending and learning something new or a new take on what I already know.

Today, I share my 12 takeaways from the Masterclass Virtual Business Presentations— Tips To Get Your Look, Mic, and Light Right! with Valonda Calloway. This was all new to me so I was in my zone!

  1. Use the rainbow when dressing (RYBG). Wear bold colors, Blue, Red, Greens , Yellows and Purples.
  2. Test my outfit. Avoid patterns. (This is easy for me except when I rock animal prints which I will never do in a professional setting.)
  3. Wear makeup (including men). Match the audience and industry.
  4. When doing web cam presentations get a Ring Light that attaches to my screen
  5. Update my laptop for an up-to-date web camera. But, still use a Ring Light.
  6. Turn my face towards the sun. This helps with lighting. Yes, I will squint but with practice I will get better.
  7. If I use a lamp, take off the shade. Backlighting is the key word here.
  8. Buy a microphone. It eliminates distractions and I sound clearer.
  9. Get a green screen. These work best with virtual backgrounds.
  10. When using mobile phones, fill the screen and get a stand. I really need this one as I use my phone for Zoom meetings all the time.
  11. Create a virtual presentation room and get a green screen behind me. I’m working on this one. I am constantly trying to find a quiet space in my home with the sun in front of me and a green screen behind me.
  12. Look at the web cameral when talking. I am always trying to see myself and I wind up looking unfocused.

As you can tell, its all about the lighting for me. I’m sure the other attendees learned something esle.

Here’s a pic of me going LIVE on my Facebook page after the Masterclass. Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Now for the pitch. We are halfway through our Masterclasses. Next up is the one on small business funding, another topic that matters to all of us as we grow our businesses. Go to to learn more and purchase a class that makes sense for your business. Or get the package and get all 7, including my class on Branding.

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