Are We Burning Out or Are We Burning Up?

I normally skip July as far as this blog is concerned. It’s normally a time when I go on a family vacation. For my clients, by the time July is here, I have probably created and implemented business and marketing systems so we are in the happy phase of automation.

With new Covid-19 cases everyday, no vacation is planned. I have started to take on hourly consulting gigs so while money is coming in I’m not in a place where I can relax.

What’s on your Covid-19 Get-it-Done List?

undefinedEntreprenuers work hard anyway. And with a stay at home order for the last few months, I’d bet we are either burning up with ideas to make money or I’d bet we’re burning out trying to grow our current business. Not only did I add new clients for less money or as I like to call it, I pivoted. I started working on two new business ideas. Reinstated my coffee and inspiration campaign and the list goes on.

My question for all of us is are we doing too much because of all the time we have? Or are we doing too much because we believe we are running out of time?

For me, its a combination of both.

I can only watch TV for a little bit of time time before my mind starts crawling with a never ending To-do list or I start to feel that I am watching someone else’s dream come true. The one EXCEPTION is when I watch my new favorite show Househunters International.

This captivating show is all about people living their dream in another country or pursuing a different life than the one they were living. It has taken me all over the world and it has changed the way I think about my life. Hence, my new business ideas, thoughts about how much time do I have left to accomplish my goals and I’m adding new international dreams to my thoughts.

This is one of the few times where I am externally motivated and I’m thrilled. With every sentence I write I feel as if I am closer to living in Tanzania, buying a home on Turks and Caicos or just getting out of the United States for a year.

Being Motivated is the Key to Burning Up

I have never minded the hours it takes to be successful. And every new client comes with new challenges so I am constantly learning and that jazzes me and keeps business interesting. But, I have to admit that hours at home with a limited range of outdoor actions got to me. It’s one thing to work for hours on end knowing that there’s a party or should I say “networking event” to GO to at the end of the week. Or I get to meet clients and give them the good news in person. It’s completely another when Zooming only requires me to look good from the shoulders up and I have to remember to unmute myself to send a congratulatory clap.

I miss people.

But then I remember that I started Customer 1st Marketing to help clients grow their business with marketing campaigns, not to meet them face to face. And that hasn’t changed. I also started a business because of the freedom of being my own boss and with endless days and nights I am defiinetly the BOSS of my world.

So while I am definitely counting the days until Covid is over and I am also counting towards new dreams and figuring out new ways to accomplish them. And isn’t that what being an entreprenuer is all about!

Don’t remember this time as the time you lost everything. Remember it as the beginning of a new you.

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