It’s Get to Know Your Customers Day And You Don’t Have to Leave Your House

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Yes, I know we have to practice social distancing so perhaps leaving the house and networking with others isn’t smart. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take the time today, April 16, 2020 or the third Thursday in January, July and October to get to know your customers. In fact, if you are like most small businesses dealing with this crisis it’s a necessity. Time to be creative and step outside our comfort zones.

So here are my ideas for “Get To Know Your Customers DAY “while you are INSIDE.

  1. Host an event and encourage them to get to know you.  I am relaunching my Coffee and Inspiration talks today. So join my mailing list if you want to be on the next call.
  2. You know I love email!  This is simple but sometimes the busy small business owner forgets to keep in contact. If you can’t figure out what to say, get in contact with me. That’s my job. Read here on why email works.
  3. Start digital marketing. Read my blog on Customer 1st Marketing to understand why.
  4. Say Thank you! Yes, email is great. But, who doesn’t love mail and especially when all we’re getting bills all day.
  5. Don’t forget your social media . It might be time to try new tactics to keep your clients engaged. Try a contest, or a survey or play to your strengths. Start highlighting your customers.
  6. Update your site by creating a website banner that says THANK YOU! Give a prize for anyone that signs up for new product or service you are launching.
  7. Address your reviews. Is your business on YELP? Is there another site your customers use when posting reviews on your business? Go there and address their concerns. Bad reviews don’t go away because you ignore them.
  8. Ask the hard questions today. Do you have a client that you are taking for granted? You send the invoice and it gets paid. Maybe its time to talk with them and ask how you are doing with them.
  9. Give a customer an unexpected upgrade. Do you have a subscription business? Give a couple clients an upgrade but make sure you ask them to give you a referral or share it on social media.
  10. Create a customer appreciation strategy or a simple customer service one. This will prepare you for the next day in July.
  11. Determine your customer. Wait, do you even know who your ideal customer is? Take the time to do this tip from my 30 Days of Growth.

It’s Get to How Your Customer Day? But do you know who is your ideal customer? Take the time to write how your ideal customer is.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas on how to celebrate this important day in the comments below. Or subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll send you my tips for FREE!

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