There is No Better Time to Define Yourself

This year I was invited to join a Facebook group, Unstoppable Actions: Words to Move By I have to admit that it was a while before I landed on a word that I could live by in 2020. The word I chose was grace.

While I believe that my tendency to keep it moving and focused is a good trait, I do know that I can sometimes jump before I look and that is not always a good thing in business. And I do admit a certain lack of grace when people don’t agree with me or tell me NO. I become a lawyer trying to persuade an audience to let my client free. So yes, I am learning to accept NO with positivity and not a denouncement of my ideas.

Finding Out Who You Are

So by doing a search for a graphic for “Accepting No” I found out that learning to accept NO is a skill children have to master so I really, really need to learn grace. This is what leads me to today’s post. Times like this serve to help us define who we are as a person. You may think you’re an optimist until you start watching the news and only see doom and gloom. You may think you love solitude until you are forced to self isolate for months. We are all finding out about who we are and how we react to others.

Found this graphic on

Covid -19 Is a New Starting Point

I look at this time as a new starting point. I’ve already pivoted and continue to pivot in my business. All my ideas that I have that I wish I had time for….I can do now. In fact, if I can sign two new projects by the end of this week, I will celebrate as if its my first customer. Here’s another entrepreneur who pivoted,

Adjusting is what we, entrepreneurs, are about. We are constantly on a quest to improve and grow. I believe this applies to us in business and personally. We happily take on challenges that allow us to do both. So yes, this is a crazy time. Yes, we are suffering. Yes, we are hoping to get back to a new normal. But yes, this is a time to take stock of who we are and where we want to be so that once this pandemic is over we are poised for more greatness.

The Next Great Business Could Be Yours

More importantly, there are probably new entrants into our world. Nothing sparks creativity like a crisis. I can’t wait to read about the success story about the new Covid-19 entrepreneur. Perhaps you have had an idea for a business that is perfect for what we are going through. Is today the day to start it? Perhaps you’ve lost your 9-5 and you have a business idea, is today the day to start it. Watch this video for inspiration,

I started my marketing company at the end of the 2008 recession and years later, Customer 1st Marketing is still here and profitable. I’ve monetized Maisha’s Lemonade Stand and I am constantly working on my own business plans or a clients. I’ve had success and failures and can honestly say that I’ve learned from every part of this journey. And that is what this historic time can be about.

You do not have to remember this time as the time you lost everything. It could be the time you started to realize who you are and what you want to do with the rest of your life. It really is a beginning. Use this time to prepare for the reopening of your life.

Don’t remember this time as the time you lost everything. Remember it as the beginning of a new YOU. #healthywealthywise #makelemons

It’s time to make lemonade!

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