Happiness is when you are part of a movement that helps others succeed.

Join The What Now Movement With Me!

As you know I started this blog to share my journey as an single momprenuer, share marketing tips and to get people jazzed about what the journey we are on. I’ve shared the good, the bad and the ugly and it’s turned into a revenue generating passion project. One of my joys, is when I speak to a new entrepreneur and I get to say and send them, ” I wrote a post about that and will send it to you”. Seriously, I love it.

So I was very happy when the founders of the THE WHAT NOW MOVEMENT asked me to sign on as a marketing director. This organization was founded during COVID to help folks get through the craziness and unvertainty of Covid. It became a place for people to thrive and grow. Two words I like and use all the time. Being apart of this lands me in the middle of my mission and allows me to be apart of something big and great. I want you all to join me as either a partner or member. Your first step is to join us on Facebook and start sharing and networking.

The next step will be up to you!

For me, I was a Masterclass Instructor for a class on Branding on the recentl launched WHAT NOW UNIVERSITY. This is a 7-week course that will take attendees on a journey that started with my class on Branding, February 6 and will end with Creating Your Vision, March 20. The topics in between are topics that every entrepreneur needs to thrive:

  • Virtual Business Presentations
  • Going for the Government Contract
  • Contracts
  • Small Business Funding
  • Getting Your Numbers Right
  • Achieving your Vision

You can buy one class for $39.99 or get them all. I am especially looking forward to next week’s class on Virtual Business presentations by the TV Lady Valonda Calloway. It’s this Saturday, at 10 AM eastern time!. Networking starts at 9:30.  I would love to connect with you there.

After presenting last week, I hope I did a great job getting my look, mic, and light right! I’m suprised there’s still tickets left. Everyone that’s presenting and selling anything needs to Zoom on Saturday! Here’s what we’re going to learn:

  • Understand why certain colors and patterns distract from your message!
  • See why everybody needs makeup, including men!
  • Choose the best chair, lighting, and background for virtual engagement!
  • Locate the best spot in your home for optimal audio and video quality!

If you want to sponsor or partner with WHAT NOW MOVEMENT, let’s talk. If you want to join me as I get ready for WHAT’s NEXT, go here http://whatnowuniversity.com/.

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