Vision and Purpose…My Boss Lady Crush on Dr. Sharon

When I first wrote this post it was about a partnership that I believed was going to thrive and survive. Today, that partnership is gone. But that’s fine because my Boss Lady Crush, Dr. Sharon Porter doesn’t let anything or anyone stand in her path of visions realized.

If you follow this blog, you may know that I am the Chief Marketing Officer for the What Now Movement, WNM Ventures and its brand of companies. It started during Covid, the company’s mission evolved from a simple question the founders asked, “What do we do now?” More importantly, they asked “What can we do to help?” A group was formed and a partnership was forged.

One of the partners in WNM is Dr. Sharon Porter. She is an empire alone. She’s president of this, CEO of that, a member of Delta Sigma Theta, publisher, author, mentor, educational consultant and my secret boss lady crush. What she’s done for women who are trying to accomplish their goals, can not be overlooked or overpraised. I believe I met her years ago when I used networking as my chief lead generation tactic and she was part of the Sister to Sister Network.

Now, fast forward a few years, we are working together to make the movement a company, WNM Ventures.

That’s just half the story.

A Vision is the Purpose!

At the launch of the What Now Movement Special Edition, I spoke with Dr. Sharon and her story is one about of perseverance, vision, purpose and partnership. This makes it the perfect story for this blog.

Vision and Purpose

She and the other partners, Eric Twiggs and Ted Fells started the WNM plan on the iconic paper napkin and were moving fast towards their goal and then COVID hit. They couldn’t see a way forward, yet they couldn’t stop. When you are on a mission you don’t’ stop. We all know the feeling. It’s what drives us entrepreneurs. It’s what makes us get out of bed in the morning. It’s the passion.

So on the day the media partnership was forged, I thought I was attending another launch of yet another magazine. What I saw and felt at the studio that day was a the culmination of a dream and a potential explosion of synergy. And even if that partnership is gone, I saw a woman who sees opportunity and goes with it in such a classy and professional way that is mindblowing. It reminded me of leaving my full time gig during a recession, takes guts and confidence. I LOVE IT and I love what we are doing.

What they are doing today is what the magazine, sorry, digital platform, is about. It is about inspiring others to move in their community in a purposeful way and getting your message out to the world. This is what Dr. Sharon has done since she started in education and decided to become a mission-driven entrepreneur. She has helped countless women embrace their power and shared their message to the world!

I am happy and proud to work alongside her and to see where her vision and purpose takes the What Now Movement. You can check us both out on her Women Who Lead Series on Wednesday at 7 PM.

Get in touch if you want to take your podcast to a complete digital platform, including TV. And if you are a Women In Business, send me a message and I’ll get you on the show!

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