Can I Get to $765K This Year?

I Will If I Apply the Lessons from The What Now Movement’s Masterclass Contacts to Contracts

I am a sucker for templates and frameworks. If you could see the ads digital marketers push to me, you would know. So when The What Now Movement’s Masterclass on government contracting said I was going to get a FRAMEWORK for government business, I was all in.

Here are the “steps” from the “framework” Mr. William Randolph, CEO of Think Acquisition gave to us during his Masterclass. Please consider these are my notes and the actual presentation may differ. To get access to the presentation from all seven Masterclasses, you must be a member of The What Now Movement. Inbox me for details.

  1. Start.
  2. Government business is full of paperwork and processes.
  3. Find Your Tribe.
  4. Demonstrate your value proposition.
  5. Start with a small contract.
  7. Hunt. Fish. Farm.
  8. Know the voice of your customers.
  9. Provide Tylenol versus Vitamins.
  10. Build a Free-to-Fee Go to Market Strategy.

Other quotable gems,

Start small, partner, and link up past performances to your business. William Randolph, CEO Think Acqusition. #whatnowmovement #whatnowuniversity #governmentcontracting

Be the Tylenol ( pain relief) not just the vitamins (promise) to your customers problems. William Randolph, CEO Think Acqusition. #whatnowmovement #whatnowuniversity #governmentcontracting

The next two classes are in two weeks and still available at for $39.99! Register today and let me know!

See me in the bottom right corner!

From a business perspective, the last few classes were ones that we all should know, legal, banking and the ones coming up!

  • Business Accounting Best Practices: How to Measure & Manage Your Money, Saturday, March 20, 2021
  • Achieving Your Business Vision: How To Move From Vision To Action, Saturday, March 27 2021

Please contact me with any questions! Connections is where we all begin!

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