New Years Resolutions? Do I Dare?


I can’t tell you whether you should or shouldn’t make resolutions. I can only tell you why I think it’s important for me.  But as I was inspired by this newsletter from Start-Up Digest about making resolutions and this one from Forbes that speaks to why we shouldn’t.   I decided to write my own take on the NEW YEAR RESOLUTION.

There are the three things in my life which have changed me as a person. Two, I’ll share with you today. Plus, if you read this blog, you already know them. The first is being a mom and the second is my business.

They have changed my mindset and how I view the world.  Before these choices, I was a free-thinking, no responsibilities, independent woman.  I didn’t make resolutions because I had no one to be accountable to except myself.  And since I thought I was great, why bother making a resolution that I knew I wouldn’t follow as soon as the word resolution was out of my mouth.


Then in 2004, I  became a single mom.

Eight years later, I decided to open a marketing consulting company.  Needless to say, the lady I was before changed.  I am still a free-thinking and independent woman but man, the responsibilities!


Now I have two major commitments in my life that need my attention. And if one fails so does the other.  Its a balancing act but I am lucky to have the support of family and friends who back me up and are in my corner so my business has grown every year except the last one and my son is a teenager who has all the potential to be whoever he wants. My role is simple. It is to do better than the year before.

That is why I have become a fan of the New Year Resolution but I focus it on my business.  I like the woman I used to be who went through life with no regrets so personal resolutions seem like a setup.

To me, my business resolution is less of a goal and more of an aspiration. It is a reflection of what I could have done better and a decision on what I can do to improve.  It is a chance for me to grow professionally and if by doing so I grow personally all the better. But, unlike my business where if I don’t make my goals, I don’t succeed, my success is on me. That’s the beauty of resolutions. No pressure.


  1. Leave no money left on the table. I think this is the biggest reason I didn’t do well in 2018. There were a few leads that I didn’t follow up on and people who wanted to work with me and I didn’t do what I was supposed to do.
  2. Give back.  Going back to #1, I don’t think I did any volunteer work last year and I felt its impact on my soul.
  3. Get out of the office. I work hard. Either on client business or my own but I need to be more social.  This is not just business related but meeting friends too.  I noticed that my calendar was full but I was too tired or too something to go. Not this year! Follow me on my Instagram to see how many smiling pics I will have this year!

So I don’t know whether you should or shouldn’t. My only advice is that if you can make resolutions that will make you a better mother, leader or boss than do so. Our mentality, as entrepreneurs,  is already goal-oriented so a resolution shouldn’t hurt you.

Let me know in the comments if you did and what they are! And a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you!

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