TGIFuF: Thank God It’s Follow Up Fridays

I think all entrepreneurs need to create a day that they promise to follow up on the items on their to-do list that somehow fell out of priority. Whether it’s a time of the day, once a week or once a month, we all need to take the time to delete items off our list that are time-consuming, out of our comfort zone or just taking care of business.

Taking this time is also important because as entrepreneurs TGIF doesn’t really apply. We don’t have the same grind of 9-5ers who rush out the office on Fridays because the boss has been on us all week and we need a break from the minutiae of the office.


For us, it’s a different grind. We may leave the office but the office doesn’t leave us. Also, we’re the boss so our employees are happy to leave us.

For me, even though I am the boss, it’s Fridays. And since I like alliteration, I call it Follow up Fridays! For social media gurus #FOLLOWUPFRIDAYS, #TGIFUF, #TGIF…you get it.

Whatever day you choose, stick to it weekly and use that day to move your business forward. Te goal is to catch up, call a customer, take a walk, go to the gym or whatever task is needed to keep your to do list down and keep you up!


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