The Saddest Thing is an Email Being Returned “Can’t Deliver”

Last Friday, yes, it was Follow Up Friday, I reached out to the last of the business cards I collected before Covid-19. These are not immediate leads. I took care of the leads where I pitched and they responded in a timely fashion. But, my sales process requires me to contact ADD them to my LinkedIn.

30 days of sales and marketing tips
Create an Ideal Profile for your Clients. #30DaysofGrowth

Anyway, one of the leads fit my ideal profile. He is a Black Business Owner in the tech field. At the time, he was going for millions in investment and we had a conversation abut his product that I admit didn’t go well. It was my fault. I was too excited about the potential for his company AND the money I could make helping him market his company.

Why oh Why Couldn’t I Keep My Mouth Shut?

I spent more time talking and giving unsolicited advice. Listening is the key in any consulting and I could see the moment this potential client turned off me. I tried to adjust but I wasn’t sure if I changed my attitude in time.

Because I’m human and knew I messed up, I procrastinated before I reached out. I still felt the same excitement as the first time he spoke about his company. I checked his site and saw that the domain was up for sale. That had me worried but I’ve been through my own website issues so I wrote the email.

I sent the email.

Within 24 hours, I received the dreaded “we will attempt to send this message” message. I knew that meant that this was business opportunity lost. I can only hope that he moved on, started another business and that we will meet again.

Statistics still say that most small businesses fail within 5 years and for black businesses the stats go even lower, 12 months. Despite this, it is still sad to receive an email that is “email. It signals that the individual gave up on his dream.

My Mission and 30 Days to Grow!

I started Customer 1st Marketing to help entrepreneurs market their businessess, espcially start ups. My next goal is to help them flourish. It’s my mission to help business grow so when I see businesses closed or an email comes back I feel bad.

I believe the excitement of a new business keeps us going for a year or two. But when the sales don’t come as expected, that’s when you need help staying motivated.

This is also why I started the 30 Days to Growth program. Running a business is hard. Marketing a business is fun but needs to be strategic. The most important thing I believe it delivers is movement towards a goal.

I wish that I could help everyone market their business and I pray that I never receive another “email can’t be delivered”. So if you know someone that needs marketing assstance, please send them my way.

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