Women Partner Week: Holiday Season Pivot, Partner & PITCH Event for LinkedIn’s Women in Biz Community

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In celebration of Women’s Small Business MonthNational Business Women’s Week, and Self-Promotion Month, the complimentary networking/co-marketing activities provided as part of the Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich October Women Partner Week will lead up to the Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich PITCH Event to help LinkedIn’s women in business community attract their ideal collaborative marketing partners and ambassadors who can help them monetize Small Business Saturday 2020The twofold event will kick off October 22 at 3 PM Eastern on a private LinkedIn Event page.

The leisurely virtual October Women Partner Week will provide businesswomen with the opportunity to pitch attendees to partner them to …

  • Build awareness of their Small Business Saturday and other holiday specials
  • Sell out their events
  • Catapult their book and ecourse sales
  • Fill up their 2020/2021 coaching and consulting hours
  • Grow their membership base
  • & Much more.

20 participants have the opportunity to grab a 2-month holiday Smart Women Partner & Grow marketing profile. Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich will share it with all the women who registered to participate in this month’s events, highlight the profiles in its newsletter, share it daily on its social media accounts Oct. 31 through Jan. 1, 2021, post it on their LinkedIn Company Page, and more.

Women Partner Week Offers Power Networking on Steriods for Busy Businesswomen

Women Partner Week offers time-starved business and professional women the opportunity to build awareness of their entrepreneurial ventures and forge high-powered collaborative marketing partnerships with female LinkedIn members from around the globe who see the value in rising to the top together. They can tune in and out at their convenience over 7 fun-packed days while taking care of their business and personal obligations.

By simply answering targeted discussion topics, participants are able to share info about their current marketing project and pitch attendees to allow them to gain access to their marketing resources so they can accelerate the implementation of their marketing campaigns. Women Partner Week is one of the many event series implemented as part of the One Million Woman Link Up to spark collaborative marketing relationships between 1,000,000 professional, Main Street & virtual business women so they can thrive INSTEAD OF survive by cross-pollinating their marketing skills and female LinkedIn connections. 

Special Guests Will Help Connect the Marketing Dots Between Professional, Virtual & Main Street Business Women

October Women Partner Week will bring together the women involved in the One Million Woman Link Up and the women highlighted in the 2020 Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich LinkedIn biz listsInfluential African American Women to Follow on LinkedInPowerhouse Female Entrepreneurs Who Podcast, and LinkedIn Rolodex: Innovative Female Business Experts Who Can Help You Pivot to Survive the Pandemic. (Invite the women listed to connect and collaborate).

A Small Business Saturday sales event planning roundtable will coincide with the Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich! PITCH Event to spark creativity. How to pivot to survive the economic impact of COVID-19, organizing shopping crawls & soirees along with other powerhouse holiday sales events, crafting the perfect collaboration pitch, and more will be discussed. Guest female sales, marketing, PR, and event planning experts will panel the roundtable along with select One Million Woman Link Up founding partners.

How to Participate

Share this announcement. Then request access to the October Women Partner Week!!!

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