Maisha’s Monday Motivation: The HBCU Edition

I attended one of my favorite events of my alma mater’s, Hampton University, calendar, the HU. vs HU. game! For those of you that are unaware of Hampton University and Howard University shame on you! These are two of the most illustrious, awarded and endowed Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU). And with both if us claiming to be “The REAL HU” you can imagine the rivalry and the fun ( aka trash talking) that exists between us. I am a proud Hampton University grad and a=my family is a legacy of HBCU grads in my family. These include Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University, Howard, Cheyney University (the first),Lincoln University, Tuskegee University, NC A&T, and Spelman.

Today’s Monday Motivation is dedicated to the entrepreneurs who attended HBCUs! Some are well known and others are known to me! If you know more HBCU entrepreneurs, please post them in the comments. I will do this post next year when Hampton beats Howard again! 🙂

Angel Rich quote

Angel Rich

Let’s start with my Alma Mater, Hampton University, and introduce you to Angel Rich! I heard of her before we met and I have admired her ever since. Her list of accolades continue to grow:

  • Only Black Woman Entrepreneur Whose App Has Surpassed 350K Downloads
  • 1st Black Woman to Develop Fintech App in Partnership With Experian
  • Author of the History of the Black Dollar

P Diddy Quote


P. Diddy aka Dean Combs is a Howard University ( the other HU) grad. If you attended college in the ’90s you probably attended a Diddy party, especially if you visited Howard’s campus. From there, he built the Bad Boy brand to the entertainment empire it is today.

Janice Bryant Howard entrepreneur quote HBCU grad

Janice Bryant Howard

Yes, she has inspired me before! Ms. Howard attended North Carolina A &T State University. She also successfully built a billion dollar business, The Act One Group.

Spike Lee Quote

Spike Lee

Spike Lee says he didn’t have a dream he had a plan. Fine with me, since he has built his 40 Acres and a Mule to a brand that is recognized internationally as a movie production house that highlights the truth and poignant behind the African-American story.

He is a Morehouse graduate. The only HBCU dedicated to the African- American man.

Kenny Lloyd HBCU Entrepreneur

Kenneth “Kenny” Lloyd

“Tennessee State University Grad Owns One of the Leading Health & Wellness Company”

Kenneth Earl Lloyd is known to everyone as “Kenny” and is a graduate of Tennessee State University, the same university where Oprah Winfrey graduated. He has built many successful network marketing companies.

Robert Bogle quote Cheyney

Robert Bogle

From Cheyney ( my parent’s alma mater) to Media Mogul, Mr. Bogle attended Cheyney University, earning a B.A. in Urban Studies. He also attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and Finance, Temple University in Philadelphia and the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, N.Y.  After working all the positions at the Philadelphia Tribune, he became the CEO of it in 1989.

Thank you to the Hampton-Owned-Businesses that have used my services over the last few years!

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