It Was a Risk but I’m Glad I Took It Anyway


I have always been extremely successful with email campaigns. I define success as open rates and conversions into revenue.  The other metrics are important, deliverability, unsubscribes and list growth but for a revenue marketer like me I need my lists to open the email and follow my call to action. But my new client, Final Salute, Inc. is a non-profit who wants to eliminate the word homeless from the women veteran vocabulary and I knew that the 2014 Memorial Day was the perfect day to kick off my marketing campaign. My goal, a 5 Star Sponsorship for Final Salute’s Ms. Veteran America competition.  The “pro” reasons were obvious but the “cons” were obvious too.


Email marketing pundits say the best times to send emails are Tuesday or Thursdays.  So on a Monday and on a holiday is risky. We all know that if it’s not opened within 24 hours then the likelihood of it being opened drops considerably.  I am happy to say that my open rates is ay 20% which is above the industry average and I’m still getting opens…a few unsubscribes too but that’s OK.


My conversion is up to me but my lists did visit the websites, and, want to volunteer, bought the latest fundraising piece and I have my first meeting to discuss sponsorship. So all in all I was a risk that I’m glad I took.Image

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