Help! I use the word HELP too many times!

I consider myself a writer.  I write poetry. I started writing a book.  (if only I can find the cool website that I started writing it.) And as a marketing communication expert a.k.a content marketer I write a lot.  I also edit a lot.  So as I wrote my last proposal to help a new company launch, I noticed that I write “help” a lot.


As a writer, I  am officially acknowledging that I need to expand my vocabulary and become more illustrative, alliterative and narrative. As a marketing person, I understand I need to use more eloquent words to persuade customers to buy from me or my clients.

But, I love the word HELP and my proposals, websites, content prove it.

Helping small business owners is what I do. I love talking to them, figuring out what is working for them and what they can improve upon.  And if we increase their sales with my HELP than I am ecstatic.


But like any entrepreneur, once you find a problem you have to find a way to solve it. So f5547193a6e2b8cbe11980e681524590I went back to my Pinterest page and looked at all the pins that speak to the power of words. Next, I went to a writer’s happy place,

So here are some words I will use in place of the word HELP:

  • We provide marketing solutions to small businesses that assist with growth.
  • My team and I serve as marketing consultants for small businesses that need to improve their sales.
  • We steer startups on the right path to sales and marketing greatness with the right mix of creativity, processes, and execution.
  • We manage the sales and operations of small and startups until they are ready to hire full-time help.


If you would like a marketing proposal that I promise will only use the word HELP once or twice but will improve your business, let’s set up a time to talk. Click here,

I’ll fix a lot next time.  🙂





  1 comment for “Help! I use the word HELP too many times!

  1. December 7, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    Found this blog from @TonyBologna! My FAM with words!


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