Reblog:The Return of Tiger Woods — josiesvoice

Since I’m not a prolific blogger…yet. I thought I’d find a blogger who was and share theirs. BECAUSE…

I love the business of Tiger and his story is all about the business! I mean you have to hand it to Nike for staying with their star (also for Colin Kaepernick but that’s another story). They put out their latest ad 7 minutes after the win and it already has 2.6 million views. And the hashtag is #justdoit! I can’t wait for the revenue numbers to come out!

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the link on YouTube,

So yes, Tiger’s victory is one of the greatest comebacks in sports but it will probably be the greatest comebacks in branding history too!

But Josie talks about the sporting comeback better than me….

April 14, 2019 will go down in golf history as the day when pro-golfer and living legend Tiger Woods finally won his 15th PGA Masters win amidst an 11 year struggle of dealing with health problems and sex scandals which led to a fallen reputation with the public. The saying—It takes years to build a good reputation […]

The Return of Tiger Woods — josiesvoice

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