Why I Love LinkedIn. Let Me Count the Ways.

I am a BIG fan of LinkedIn. To me, it is one of the best platforms for social networking for busienss and social selling. I have had a profile since 2004 and am considered an All Star. My next goal, to be an Influencer like my LinkedIn heroes, Sunny Patel, Jennifer Schaus, and Mark Amtower.

I believe in LinkedIn so much that Tip #23 of my  30 Days of Growth Tips has my clients use LinkedIn as a key selling tool.

The Ways.

  1. I AM CONNECTED. I have worked in great places with great people. But everybody wasn’t a colleague where a friendship was established. who I want to stay in touch with and keep up to date about their personal lives. Some, I just want to keep track of how their professional life is going espFeel connected to former co-workers and bosses.
  2. BUSINESS HAPPENS HERE. When I get a message or request to be connected, I’m not insulted that someone is asking me for to view their website, become a partner or a referral. But, if the same salesy request comes from via a Messenger “friend” on Facebook, I pause. There are other ways to sell to me on Facebook but please don’t friend me for that purpose.
  3. ITS MY ELECTRONIC ROLODEX – It is my way of keeping in touch with former colleagues that are not in the friend category but we built a great business relationship. You never know if
  4. GROUPS, MY TRIBE – Another tip in my 30 days of Sales and Marketing is to find your community or tribe as I like to call them.  So the groups I belong to are important for knowledge sharing, lead generation, branding, getting feedback and more. And because, if used correctly, its all about business it doesn’t feel like a timewaster like those other social media sites.
  5. I’M A CONTENT MARKETING QUEEN – I love sharing my articles from here and Customer1stMarketing on my personal file. It drives people back to my sites and helps establish me as an expert in marketing and entrepreneurship. My blog on Inspirational Black Women has had the most views in 2019, likes and a few referrals cam from Linkedin.
  6. SHOW ME THE METRICS – I love data. I love metrics. I love goals. So while, I don’t have a LinkedIn goal ( but maybe I should) I love looking at my stats, especially my profile stats. I love seeing that arrow go up and how many people viewed my profile. It also lets me know who actually pulled the trigger and take the next step to contact me. #LeadGeneration
  7. IT’S EASY TO BE POLITE – You really don’t have to invest a lot of time being social on LinkedIn. Their chat bots make it easy to say hello, congrats on the new role, thank you, hope all is well with a click on the button. I do recommend that you take a little extra care to personalize your message to the folks that you consider special.
  8. MOTIVATION – So recently, I added my role as Digital Marketing Manager for this site. I received so many “Congrats on the New Role” that I decided to write this post. But what it really did for me, was know that my network wants me to succeed and do well. These folks took the time to send me good wishes and I don’t want to disappont.

Everybody Doesn’t Share My Sentiments

I love Google. As I was Googling this topic the search term “LinkedIn Sucks” appreared so of course I had to check the articles out. And since I am a fair person I share a few below that don’t love LinkedIn as much as I do.

Some were funny, https://smithhousedesign.com/6-reasons-why-linkedin-sucks-as-told-through-memes/?fbclid=IwAR0EWuIm-NGJCYRKXi3WjC6V5jCkh3eKd0Qs_sExqUrlFooqNFoDHIUrlns

Some seemed whiny, https://www.hurstinternetmarketing.com/hate-linkedin-count-ways-12213

Some shared LinkedIn bad points with helpful hints. https://www.square2marketing.com/blog/why-linkedin-is-the-worst-of-whats-wrong-with-marketing-today 

What are your thoughts about LinkedIn?

Do you love LinkedIn? Or is it waste of your time? Do you get leads from it? Or is it a bunch of time wasters? Leave your comments below.

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